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"There is no future without a past"

Passion, enthusiasm and desire to express ourselves through what we produce are giving the desired results! When we rethought and modernized the farm we, in fact,  made a dream come through as we turned it into a Countryside Paradise: expanding the activities,  the type of cultivations and the farming system which was always Organic.

Among the most recent projects are Vine Growing and Wine Production. In 2006 we planted 20 ha of vineyards with the goal of studying and re-evaluating native Viterbo  varieties such as Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Malvasia del Lazio and Trebbiano, and testing international varietals  such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon on specific soils and plots within our property. In 2010, an additional hectar was planted with Fiano and Incrocio Manzoni white varieties. These are pretty unusual vines in our area however we had been experimenting micro-vinifications and had already found out their potential when cultivated on our soil. Since the very beginning, in 2006, when the vines have been planted, the Ciucci family decided to go Organic. The Ciucci family strongly believes that only Organic Farming can give life to products that are the original expression of a specific territory in total respect of the environment.

The entire Ciucci’s Farm is Organic, all productions are Organic, so it was just natural to extend this attitude and way of working to the whole "wine" production chain that has obtained the EU Organic Certification. The constant research and work in the vineyards with cutting-edge agronomic practices allow us to bring to the cellar excellent “raw material”, grapes, to then be transformed in high quality, natural wines that we want to be a strong expression of our territory.
The cellar, located in the middle of our vineyards, was built recovering and restoring  a historic farmhouse called "Misciano" (one of our Wines took this name!). We have a modern, fully equipped winemaking area, a section where barrels are and where ageing takes place and a showroom where we like to welcome our guests.

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